Most  often my events  simply require acoustic  guitar and vocals, however there are  certain times that a bar or cocktail hour  type gig allows for a full band  sound.

Though new to some, backing tracks have been used since the early 60's and are more common now than ever with top touring acts. As well, the use of backing tracks are becoming more common amongst solo acts and smaller bands playing in bars or other venues for reasons such as space, budget or simply variety. But the true reason why pros use tracks, is that backing tracks are a trusted method to reproduce the sound of an original recording, which is the biggest demand from the listener. This demo is a sample of Lenny's sound when using his own recorded backing tracks. 

"Whether I'm playing in a Solo acoustic setting or with a live band, my goal, and proven challenge when playing cover songs, is to play the song as close to the original version as I can. Using tracks is a way to have that original full band sound, and give the crowd that familiar version of a song they most likely know as well as I do.".  Lenny